What is Nyxky?

Nyxky is a web development and services company. We build websites, and provide everything needed to maintain them. If you have any questions, we are just an email away.

Need a good website?

Nyxky builds websites that are fast, gorgeous, and above all else: user-friendly.

No one knows your industry better than you, so we collaborate closely with you to make sure your vision is embodied in your website and your abilities are reflected to your visitors.

Need to accept payments?

Process credit cards to sell your products, take donations, or whatever else you may need to do.

We allow you to accept credit card purchases in over 130 different currencies, or even take Bitcoin as payment. Money is money — never lose a customer because they cannot pay with what they want to pay with.

Need support?

Who else is tired of talking to agents that are clearly reading from a script?

At Nyxky, we are just honest, straight forward people like you. We are not robots, and we know you are not either. We are here to help you achieve your goals, answer any questions you have, and keep you informed on what we are doing for you.

Need analytics?

Nyxky provides powerful analytics with empowering privacy standards.

Privacy is a universal right, so we provide an analytical platform that allows you to protect your visitors' privacy and still gain insight on their interactions with your website. By default, our platform only collects non-personal, non-identifying information about your visitors and you always have full ownership of any data you collect.

Need web services?

Domain name registration, email mailboxes, website hosting, virtual private servers, SSL certificates — we do it all. And we do it with some of the highest standards of privacy and integrity in the industry. We never sell your information, we protect you from spam, and we provide private registration free of charge.

Need control?

Join us anytime — leave us anytime.

No contracts, no fine print. We never tie you down.

Everything else is a waste of time.
Use Nyxky.

Whether you need to take advantage of one of our services, or all of them: we are here for you. Scale up or down without batting an eye. Never any hoops to jump through, never any fine print — just great service.

"Be glad you landed here."